Other Classes


Adult Gymnastics


Hobart PCYC offers Adult Gymnastics which caters for beginners to advanced level. Work at your own pace, with the support and guidance of a qualified instructor. Popular with ex-gymnasts, parents, dancers, entertainers and stunt. These classes cater for gymnasts from 17 years up and the difficulty is tailored to the individual's ability. You are never too old to have a try. The first part of the session is spent on a warm-up including strength, flexibility and basics, then the gymnasts nominate their preferred activity for the rest of the time. Coaches are constantly working and trying to get the best from each participant so you are guaranteed to learn new skills and find muscles that you never thought you possessed. So if you are an ex-gymnast or have never done gym but always wanted to be able to do a somersault or cartwheel or you simply want to get fit and have fun in the process then come along and have a go.




Cheerleading is an entertaining, dynamic and exctiting sport. Cheerleading is a competitive sport, and the option to compete is available at Hobart PCYC. Classes are available for beginners to experienced.





Acrobatic Gymnastics, or Acro, is a gymnastics discipline where gymnasts work to perform routines consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music.


We offer two different classes, one for Children aged between 7-12 years old and one for 12- 18 years. Each session runs for 1 hour. Gymnasts will learn the safe ways to tumble, use double mini tramp and learn basic skills and increase flexibility and strength. This class is ideal for Children who do dancing who want to improve acrobatic and gymnastics skills or for those who have an interest in circus and tricks. Gymnasts will learn the basics and further skill development.


For more information, please refer to the HPCYC Gymnastics Club Handbook 2016